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Taylor of NY. "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

Name: Harry Potter

Track: 19 Years Later





19 Years Later-Harry Potter

oh my god, oh my god. 

 omg. beautiful.


SO. MANY. FEELS. I cant wait to be watching this when i am like forty and its all of the second generation just generally fucking shit up at hogwarts. And then my children will be watching it and fall in love with the film, and just watch as they dance around in capes and hats and wonder where the sorting hat would place them.

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Marauders Appreciation Week [5/7] - One Rivalry

The three Black daughters were inseparable as children, but the Wizarding War broke families apart without discrimination. Andromeda’s marriage to a Muggleborn cracked deep fractures in their sisterhood. Bellatrix, the eldest, went mad with the belief that pureblood supremacy must be imposed. Andromeda, the middle sister, tried to put as much distance as possible between herself and the bloodshed. All the while, Narcissa, the youngest, only wanted to keep her family together. As a trio, the Black sisters had intelligence, power, and cunning. Apart, the filthy war would ruin them all. 

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

Vincent Van Gogh

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this will never not be funny.


i can’t actually breathe

It looks pissed

get out

HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA omgg I can’t stop laughing

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Wolfric Stone (1690-?) was one of the three original founding members of the prestigious Salem Institute for Magical Studies. Originally the young wizards and witches of New England were educated through a series of tutors and apprenticeships, but this secret network of magical education grew strained in the early part of the 17th century as more and more muggleborns started immerging out of Puritan stock. While community minded witches and wizards did their best to identify latent magical talent early in the life of these extraordinary children, some ended up falling through the cracks.

Matters only became more strained in the last decade of the 1600s. While no true witches or wizards were ever hung by Mather and his ilk, the attempts at persecution alone put many magical families on edge. Where once they were happy to take in magical children and help tutor them in their powers under the guise of carefully arranged, “apprenticeships,” now they worried about having uncontrolled magical talent under their roofs. Wolfric and his allies, Jasper Windwood and Molly Cooper, decided to take steps to safeguard to magical community of New England.

Wolfric, the only pureblood of his friends, had inherited his family home after the death of his mother in 1742. Already carefully warded against muggle intrusion and accidental discovery, the spacious tract of land and roomy manor house were perfect for the education of students. The Institute was officially founded in 1746, and has served as a bastion of magical education in the North East Region ever since.

Wolfric himself taught charms and defensive magic to the students, and was a master of disillusionment and invisibility spells. The original groundwork of magical protect he laid around the campus have endured into the modern day, with minimal upkeep from the generations of charms and defensive magic professors who have served in his stead down the centuries. The main house of the campus still bears his name.

As to the fate of the campus’ erstwhile owner, to this day no one is entirely certain what ended up happening to Wolfric Stone. The most popular legend goes that Wolfric, having mastered the magic of hiding objects in space wanted to find a magical method of doing the same for objects in time. Ever the intrepid experimenter, Wolfric apparently decided to test his theories on himself. To this day the occasional student claims to hear a sourceless voice down in the basements, asking what year it is, and if they could mark down the time and date in the school ledger. 



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a.k.a. how the yule ball would have gone if i had written it

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