The Stars Shine For You
Taylor of NY. "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

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I understand why some of you might feel that Neville or Augusta should’ve been the one to kill Bellatrix at the end, but you gotta admit that Molly killing Bellatrix has so many underlying implications and my favorite is that it broke the housewife stereotype because until then…

He was about to go home, about to return to the place where he had had a family. It was in Godric’s Hollow that, but for Voldemort, he would have grown up and spent every school holiday. He could have invited friends to his house… He might even have had brothers and sisters… It would have been his mother who had made his seventeenth birthday cake. The life he had lost had hardly ever seemed so real to him as at this moment, when he knew he was about to see the place were it had been taken from him. 

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there’s something really interesting in this passage that I wanted to point out
Trelawney assumes that Harry was born in midwinter because of his “dark hair” and “mean stature” and “tragic losses so young in life”
Tom Riddle was born in midwinter, is describe in CoS as resembling Harry, and his mother died right after his birth
Harry has a piece of Voldemort’s soul in him
that’s why Trelawney made that assumption



For those of you who don’t know your Greek mythology, Cassandra was the daughter of the King and Queen of Troy. Apollo tried to get in her pants by giving her the gift of prophecy and took nice guy douche-bagging to a godly level by cursing her when she turned him down. 

The curse? That she would never be believed. 

So all of Cassandra’s warnings to the people of Troy fell on deaf ears. 

And in case you don’t remember, Trelawny mentions that her great-great-grandmother’s name was … you guessed it… “Cassandra” 

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Anonymous whispered: "Love the blog! Blackinnon just some cheeky fluff about them sneaking around the castle at night"


WHY ARE YOU ON ANON HOW CAN I SHOW THE APPROPRIATE THANKS IF YOU’RE ON ANON?! thank you though you beautiful person <3

"You made that.”

"Well not just me, but yeah."


Sirius smirked Marlene took the map off him to study it. He watched her scan it for a few seconds before she looked up at him with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes.

"I know that look McKinnon, what’s going through that pretty head of yours?" he asked her, his smirk growing.

"Are you aware of the opportunities you have given me by letting me see this?" she replied,  jumping off the bed, pulling him with her.

"Where are we going?"

"You’ll see."


"Well played McKinnon." he chuckled, watching as she hopped off the window ledge. "That’s going to stay there for at least a week."

"Pfft. It’ll be at least two Black." she scoffed, taking a step back to admire her handy work. Above the windows on either side of the doors of Hogwarts, were giant pictures of the Slytherin Quidditch team. Between the two of them Marlene and Sirius had defaced each member, and she had given each of them a nickname. "So are we safe to go back?"

"Hang on," he replied, pulling out the map. "Yeah for now. Come on." He told her, throwing an arm around her. She leant into his side as they silently began their journey back.

However it soon became clear that it wouldn’t be easy. Sirius had not been keeping as close an eye as he should on the map, and had failed to notice Filch get closer to them.

"Fuck. Ready to run Marls?"


"No time. Just run." He told her, grabbing her hand and taking off. After a second her question was answered.

“STOP THIS INSTANT. COME BACK HERE.” They heard Filch yelling, and begun running faster. “I MEAN IT. COME BACK RIGHT NOW.”

Sirius led them down a different corridor, before pulling her behind a tapestry. Marlene was about to protest, before she saw a passage way.


“Shh McKinnon.” Sirius smirked, pushing her against the passage wall and placing his hand over her mouth. A minute later, they heard Filch jog past, and Marlene had to bite her lip not to laugh. Sirius didn’t remove his hand for another minute. Then she licked him.

“Ugh. That was disgusting.” He groaned, wiping his hand in his trousers.

Marlene took the opportunity to quickly peck his lips.

“What was that for?” he smirked, placing his now dry hands on her hips.

“For showing me that map. For coming with me. For not getting us caught.” She replied, smiling slightly and shrugging her shoulders.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled, kissing her back quickly. She grabbed the map from his hand whilst he was distracted.


“What? You almost got us caught, and despite the fact we weren’t, I don’t fancy running again. So I’m having the map.” She stated, glancing at it before leaving the passage and beginning to travel back to the dorm.

“Ye of little faith.” He muttered, grabbing her free hand as he came up to walk beside her.

“Muttering is very unattractive you know.” She told him, keeping her eyes on the corridor.

“So is being a pain in the arse.” He shot back kissing her temple. “Yet I still love you.”

“Please, you couldn’t stop loving me even if you wanted.”


“Love you too by the way.”

“I know. I’m a very loveable person.”

“You’re an asshole.”


"… and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end."

Here’s to book seven. Here’s to the years of anticipation before it and the years of discussion in its wake. Here’s to the boy who lived and how he changed everything.

And here’s to you, if you know that “the very end” isn’t happening anytime soon.

We are book eight.

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do people realize how romantic this really is? 

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Van Gogh - Roses, detail

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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